photo How to move closer to a state of happiness and satisfaction

How to move closer to a state of happiness and satisfaction

How to move closer to a state of happiness and satisfaction

Serenity is a state that people need most due to the stress and problems from the modern society. Prem Rawat is a peace ambassador who is working to enhance peace of mind in us. For this purpose, he spreads messages of peace to the world. He said, “Each of us has to find their own peace. Peace is within you and me”.

In other words, he wants to attract our attention that individuals are responsible for finding their own happiness and self-actualization. Read this article and discover ways to be more zen and fulfilled in life.

How to move close to a state of happiness and satisfaction?

Be alive and well

To draw yourself to bliss and satisfaction, it is crucial to be alive and well and enjoy every moment we live in. This step involves many things, like:

  • Do the things you enjoy in your free time
  • Spend a quality time with yourself, and if possible, treat yourself with your favorite meal, while listening to your favorite music, with the company of your beloved ones
  • Focus entirely on your present life and do not let past worries tarnish your happiness
  • Meditate alone or with other people and ask a spiritual coach to help you find ways to improve your situation
  • Pray to the Supreme Being and ask assistance from a spiritual leader to pray for you to achieve your goal, and to find joy in everything

Forgive and forget

One of the reasons why people cannot find happiness and peace with themselves is that they blame themselves. In other words, they have grudges against themselves. For example, because a young father accidentally spilled the milk in the kitchen, his children could not have breakfast; then one of them got sick. Because of that incident, the father has blamed himself for causing his child's illness. Apart from that, his wife's constant nagging has driven him crazy and has added to the guilt.

A year later, the same story has been told many times, even though the father has become more careful with his children's food. Then, he decided to stop caring for his children, leaving all the duties to his wife. This short anecdote shows that it is important to forgive yourself and forgive the others, so that they could move closer to their internal world and feel serene.

Award yourself for your endeavor

It might be surprising to hear thatitisimportanttoaward yourself for your achievements. Most of the time, we expect too much from the others. Thus, it might be disappointing to receive a gift from the others to acknowledge our efforts. However, we are the only one who knows best about what would make us happy.

Therefore, in order to move closer to inner satisfaction and bliss, it is essential that you give yourself an award. This could be done by offering yourself a simple ice cream cone or a piece of cake, or even by traveling to the place of your dream after fulfilling a great achievement.

Do good to humanity

By engaging yourself in humanitarian activities, it is possible to give a reason for your life. Each of us has a specific mission on Earth. If you are still on your journey for that quest, it is important to do good to humanity. For example, you can join an association, which offers volunteering opportunities like the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF).

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