photo 5 tips from philosophy for meditation

5 tips from philosophy for meditation

5 tips from philosophy for meditation

As sport is the way for the body to get healthy and fit, meditation is for the mind an exercise to get trained. There are many ways to meditate. One of them is from philosophy. Philosophical meditation has a different way from simple meditation. Instead of thinking about ourselves, this meditation involves to be in perfect relationship with other things, perspectives and abstraction concepts.

Here are 5 tips from philosophy for meditation

1- Choose one subject

Whether it is a concept, like the death or an image or picture that you have at home. Then, focus on the existence, the deep existence of that until you have no obstacles to live with that. For example, with death, you can live without worrying about death but live intensely like you can die the minute after.

2- Write about your feelings

Many people struggle with expressing their feelings. However, when those can't be expressed openly, they can be an emotional charge. It costs the inner peace by causing complete mental disorder.

To meditate properly, philosophy advice to write down your feelings when you meditate. It's about writing your present emotions, feelings about a thing or a subject that excites you or scares you, even both. It allows mind to get away from a mental charge of stress or anxiety.

3- Choose someone to read or listen to it

When you are brave enough, you can let someone take a look to your feelings, or even read it to someone. By this way, you let this person come into your mind and heart while listening to you. It's not necessary to get perfect before letting someone else read it.

You just have to finish writing down all you feel and even your wishes for the future and choose someone to read it or to listen to it. It's important that the choice of the person is appropriate. Choose someone who can listen to you, who can lift you up in some situations.

4- Read some books

As it is said, it's about a meditation which helps you to be in a best relationship with nature and others. Prem Rawat, a founder of Words for peace, said during his conferences that peace is possible if you start with yourself. It means that reading is great not only for mind but for a personal growth.

That's why it's important to choose books related to your connection with nature. However, choose your books wisely. Make it right to be adequate with your feelings, and are useful for you to meditate. Prem Rawat added that it is necessary to be in peace with ourselves, not expecting miracles with books but focus the vision to yourself.

5- Do a meditation walk

Choose a time for a walk. Then, start by making an inner silence. It's unnecessary to hurry to find this silence. As you walk, seek this silence and it will clear your head. In this manner, you can have clear ideas that help you achieve meditation. Don't focus on the destination, just walk.

However, beware dangerous places like the highways or dangerous paths with your mind clear. Meditation is not considered as a medication for mind but also a need for mind to get in peace. As many types and ways to practice that, philosophical meditation can be helpful to achieve inner peace easily. Then, start to follow these tips.

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